Plan Drawing

Goods Hoist Lift Package

Our company offers a full Goods Hoist lift package along with Goods Hoist maintenance, repair and lift removals. We understand your concern that dealing with the unfamiliar product can often be troublesome but it doesn’t stop you to purchase industry lift that can improve the productivity and efficiency of your company. To assist you in better, understand how we work, we have listed out the steps guide to our goods hoist project.

Get in Touch with Us

We provided numerous way for customers to get in touch with us through our official website and different social media platforms. Besides that, the customer can provide any feedback to us and we are always delighted to hear from you. We will handle your request quickly and expert advice is provided.

Consultation service and Site Survey

In our opinion, understanding your need is our priority. We will first identify your problem including fully understand how you intend to use your industry lift in order to advise on Goods hoist sizes, specification and load capacities to suit your needs.

A site survey is a crucial stage of the process. We will arrange a site visit to better understand your site conditions and ensures a smooth installation. In the site survey, we will shaft measurement, site assessment, meeting site representatives and confirm installation dates of your goods hoist.


After gathering all the information needs we will pull everything together and give you a personalized dumbwaiter quotation. This included a life specification, costs, lead times and any optional extras. Your quotation will receive through email or Fax within 48 hours.

Technical Drawings

The next stage, we will work on the lift design to ensure you are satisfied with the Goods hoist size and specification. We will draft out the customize goods hoist that a visually communicate how the lift can be functions or constructed.

Down payment

Our term of sale has been clearly segregating to 3 stages

  • 40% upon confirmed of order or down payment
  • 30% upon delivery to site or upon notification by ML LEE IND that hoist is ready for delivery to site as per the stated delivery date whichever occurs first
  • 30% upon installation
  • All the cost is subjected to 6% GST

Submit to HQ JKKP

In this stage, we will submit the technical drawing to the JKKP Malaysia to obtain approval for goods hoist installation. We enclose all the lift size and material used are suits to government design and requirements.  

Lift Installation

  • The lift installation will go through wiring and testing and commission by cladding which is our qualified builder.
  • Our professions will arrive on site during your installation day and get ready to start assembly, the installation usually takes 1-2 days to complete. Once the lift installation is completed, your site representative will be informed and the lift installation will be finished in structure form.

Request JKKP come for site visit

  • State officer visit site and do brake test and measurement to prevent goods cage from failing if wire rope shaping our imported safety brake with the braking strength of 2.5 tons each total braking strength of two units safety brake is 5 tons. We can obtain certificate after successfully testing by the government officers
  • When the dumbwaiter has been suitably clad, we will return to the site to commission the dumbwaiter and officially put the unit into service. This can only be completed when all lift material is enclosed. We will then hand over all relevant lift information and documentation to you.

Renew inspection

As niche Goods Hoist business, we also specialize in the maintenance of the industry lift, and we will require having at least once renewed inspection every 15 months.

Additional lift service

  • Cover plan is highly recommended to all our customers, having a goods hoist service including maintenance, repair, renew the JKKP approval is necessary after one year
  • Lift remover